Shot to Hell Series

When I began ceramics I tended to stick to subjects I was passionate about: the figure, aliens, monsters, cats, etc. So you can imagine my hesitancy when my professor assigned an “Abstract” piece that looked untouched by the human hand. I was lost and frustrated. Nothing I tried appealed to me. So I took my lump of clay to the local shooting range, shot it with my .22 pistol, and thought “Hm…that’s pretty neat”. I took the piece back the next day and my professor loved it, wondering how I made it. And thus began the Shot to Hell Series.

All my life I was raised around guns and have hunted since age 6 so firearms and fireworks are pure entertainment for me. But I also have a passion for art. Guns and art are not typically seen in the same light very often but I’ve married the two into this particular series. It’s a way for my “Artist Side” and my “Redneck Side” to coexist peacefully. The series is also a great way to get my family involved in the process.

The name “Shot to Hell” came from my Grandpa who looked at a couple of my first pieces and commented, “Well, that just looks shot to Hell!” And thus it had a name.

For each piece I experiment with different explosive mediums as well as different dryness levels of clay. The .22 rifle is a clean choice and doesn’t destroy the piece like larger rifles. I’ve also experimented with fireworks which make my fiance VERY happy since he loves pyrotechnics. He is now involved in this series.

"First STH"

"Porcelain Eruption" Raku fired

Last modified on February 8, 2011

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