I’ve always LOVED Halloween and dressing up in general. So when my fiance and I first met we decided to go to Kansas City (where he used to live) and go to some big Halloween parties. He made himself a ghille suit by hand while I went the lazy route and got a sexy little camo outfit. On the way home we discussed in great detail my dream of being a Transformer for Halloween and he swore to make it reality. And thus we began a six month long project of building a complete¬† Slipstream (me) and Starscream (him) costume pair to go around the city.¬† My fiance is a remarkable engineer and an airplane builder so he jumped at the chance to turn ME into a plane.

Both costumes are constructed primarily out of insulating foam, matte board, expanded polypropelene (helmets), and covered with plastic cabinet covers. Then they are painted. The wings have a special feature of being able to fold backward when we go through doors and then snapping back in place. This design was my fiance’s and was a real life saver Halloween night! We ended up getting 2nd prize at a fair size party but we plan on breaking them out again with a modification or two. The boots are too clunky and they hurt your feet after a long night so we intend to make them more wearable and much easier to move in.

Just recently for the Transformers 3 premier we donned the suits again to promote the theater, the movie, and our new photography studio.

Slipsream Wing Test

Slipstream costume finished

Last modified on July 11, 2011

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