Ever since I was young I’ve loved to tell, listen to, and make up stories. This has transcended into my adult life as a way to unwind and relax. I particularly enjoy writing fanfiction; being able to twist and turn well known characters into plots of my own design. I have been an avid fanfic writer since I first started college in 2003, beginning with the Gargoyles fandom. I posted on the gargoyles website and lo and behold a very kind reviewer known as Peter Wood gave me my very first emailed review. I was SO excited I kept writing until I had a literal epic on my hands!

But eventually when that was completed I turned to yet another fandom: Alien vs Predator (emphasis on the Predator) where I introduced several of my original characters such as Little Fighter, Garv (Predator), and my notorious Fire Blood (Predator) and gained a loyal following there.

Yet again my love was flipped when I saw Transformers for the first time and that fanfiction is what I currently write. I have written nearly 20 different Transformer fanfics. Among them is my very popular “Tinman” featuring Ironhide and my growing in popularity “Pet Squishy” featuring G1 Thundercracker.

My fanfics definitely entered new territory when a young man named Jay Johnson offered me one of the greatest opportunities of my life: To turn “Tinman” into an actual audio drama ! So in a few short months my dream was audio reality! But with my fiance, we are planning on taking on the task ourselves and turning even more of my fictions into audio podcasts. I  am very excited about this and hope this summer we will find time to finish the first chapters of “A Pet Squishy”.

I also have a few original, non-fanfiction works but nothing too definitive yet. One day I hope to finish and publish one of these. But for now I’m very happy sharing my stories and podcasts with the internet community.

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If you leave a review that would be spectacular as reviews are my most powerful creative fuel!

Last modified on February 6, 2011

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